Siemens signs major deal with Korean Co in Jordan

Al Qatrana Independent Power Project deal signed with KOSPO Jordan

Al Qatrana is the second of two IPP projects in Jordan.
Al Qatrana is the second of two IPP projects in Jordan.

Siemens has boosted its standing in the Jordan energy sector, with the news it has completed a deal at the Al Qatrana Independent Power Project (IPP), with KOSPO Jordan Ltd, a subsidiary of KOSPO Korea.

The contract involves providing tailored solutions for total coverage of the long-term maintenance needs of the facility’s gas turbine installations. The contract is for a term of 25 years and represents the first LTP for Siemens in Jordan.

Al Qatrana is the second of two IPP projects in Jordan and is the newest power plant in operation there. It has new technology and is thus more efficient than older power installations in the country.

Wolfgang Niermann, CEO of Siemens in Jordan said: “The turbines used within the plant are known for their toughness and durability, with more than 290 units in operation accounting for approximately 70,000 starts and more than 4,000,000 operating hours. This is a big strength of the SGT5-2000E turbine.”

Sauro Storai, Vice President of Energy Service in the Middle East and North Africa: “Siemens will offer all necessary work during scheduled outages and will provide KOSPO Jordan Ltd. with performance warranties. This will be managed by our highly skilled on-ground engineers.”

KOSPO Jordan Ltd. will outsource the entire responsibility of the scheduled outages for the following 25 years to Siemens and this will represent 200,000 Operating Hours.

Ki Yeob Hwang , CEO of KOSPO Jordan said: “The experience and expertise of Siemens offered us peace of mind with the agreement to hand over the responsibility of the outages at the plant. They offered long term security and the benefit of having original equipment manufacturer technology. We look forward to having a good relationship with Siemens for mutual cooperation and benefit.”


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