UAE may get 30% of energy from renewables by 2030

Chairman of Renewable Energy Congress optimistic about progress.

Masdar will give the UAE a big boost in its quest to diversify into renewables,says Al Sayigh.
Masdar will give the UAE a big boost in its quest to diversify into renewables,says Al Sayigh.

 The UAE will resort to renewable sources for about 30 per cent of its energy needs by 2030, according to Professor Ali Al Sayigh, chairman of the World Renewable Energy Congress and director general of World Renewable Energy Nations.

"It again depends on the people of the UAE. They may achieve 50 per cent by 2030. But the predictions globally are about 30 per cent. We are aiming that by 2030, all our electricity demands could be met from renewable energy technologies," Al Sayigh told the Kaleej Times.

"I am very sure that the UAE will achieve this target and it might go further as this part of the world has double amount of solar radiation and wind than Europe has. They (this region) have three times more wasteland. A huge amount of money is already pumped in through Masdar to accelerate the projects here. They have money and brain, so they will get it," he added.

"In the UAE, we have Masdar that deals with the renewable energy matters. Masdar initiative is a shining torch for the rest of the world. I foresee that in the coming 10 years, we will be showing the path to all other nations," swooned Al Sayigh.

Pradeep Chaturvedi, chairman, Indian Association for the Advancement of Science in New Delhi, told delegates at the conference that by 2030, the global demand for energy will be 40 per cent higher than it was in 2007. About 90 per cent of that increase will come from non-members of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, as their share of global energy demand will rise from 52 percent to 63 percent.

The five-day World Renewable Energy Congress, jointly organised by Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency (EAD) and the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN), brought together around 600 scholars, researchers and experts from 92 countries.


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