BP Solar inaugurates new technology for MidEast

New system tested in Saudi Arabia?s KAUST.

BP has invested into photovoltaic investment
BP has invested into photovoltaic investment

BP Solar on Wednesday announced the inauguration of a new solar technology designed to perform more efficiently in extreme temperatures.

This new technology is being tested as part of a 14KW pilot project newly installed on the grounds of the New Energy Oasis (NEO) of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

The system consists of 60 solar photovoltaic modules, half of which include BP Solar's new 120 half-cell modules with Thermo-Cool technology. The Thermo-Cool backsheet layer allows for faster heat dissipation resulting in a cooler operating environment and thus higher power output.

The KAUST system was switched on in July the first month of summer when temperatures are at an extreme high.

"This project is a test of the efficiency of the Thermo-Cool Technology. It is performing very well and we are especially pleased that the system is one of the first to be connected to the grid in the Kingdom,” said BP Solar's CEO, Mike Petrucci.

KAUST's VP of Economic Development, Amin Al Shibani, said that this project is in keeping with the mission of the NEO to be a platform to test and validate new technologies for potential deployment in the Kingdom.


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