Saudi heading for green building regulation

KSA could have mandatory green building regulation by end of year.

Buildings in the Saudi Arabia could soon be subject to green regulation.
Buildings in the Saudi Arabia could soon be subject to green regulation.

Green building regulation could become mandatory in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2010, as the government and the industry is working towards establishing a common standard, say people in the industry.

“We should have binding regulation by the end of the year,” said said Ali Nazzal, sales and operations manager at ABB Smart Home and Intelligent Buildings Controls.

The Ministry of Electricity is working with the Green Building Council and companies such as ABB and Siemens to establish a standardised system for energy and water savings in buildings, similar to the American LEED standard. Once this has been worked out, it will be made mandatory, thinks Nazzal.

“In Saudi Arabia we have started to see how important energy efficiency is,” he adds.

ABB have just won a contract to implement smart building technology in the 21-storey Waseel Tower in Riyadh, the first office tower to adopt energy efficient technology in the capital. The project will reduce power consumption and carbon emissions by 30 percent, says ABB.

ABB’s KNX technology will allow both tenants and the building’s facilities management staff to control all the applications inside their offices, including lighting, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, as well as room access and shading. The system also detects the occupancy of each office suite.

The company has so far won three contracts in the Kingdom to apply its smart technology to this end: The Princess Noura University, the King Abdullah Financial District, and the Information Technology Communications Complex, all in Riyadh.

With mandatory regulation in place, business for his line of business is going to be brisk in the Kingdom, believes Nazzal.


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