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IRENA statute comes into force

Abu Dhabi-based renewables agency becomes international organisation.

IRENA promotes renewables worldwide.
IRENA promotes renewables worldwide.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), based in Abu Dhabi, on Wednesday announced that its statute comes into force, elevating the agency to the status of a fully-fledged international organisation.

The 25th instrument of ratification was deposited in Berlin on June 8, IRENA said in a press release. According to Article XIX, the treaty enters into force 30 days after. 29 member states have now ratified the treaty.

Created in January 2009 with 75 member states, IRENA has grown in just over a year to become one of the largest international organisations, with 147 countries and the European Union signing its statute.

In June 2009, Abu Dhabi was elected as IRENA’s Headquarters.
“With 98 billion barrels, Abu Dhabi has the seventh largest proven oil reserve in the world. Nevertheless Abu Dhabi is committed to achieve 7 percent renewable energy in 2020 and to invest 10 percent of its GDP in Masdar City. The United Arab Emirates are IRENA’s home and this far sighted country has continuously proved a very strong support for the agency,” says Hélène Pelosse, IRENA’s interim director general.

The IRENA is aiming to become the global voice for renewable energy. The agency’s mandate is to assist its member states define their strategy across the fields of all renewable energies, bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind.






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