GE to supply Salalah IWPP with gas turbines

Oman contracts worth almost US$300 million.

A GE 6FA gas turbine.
A GE 6FA gas turbine.

GE has received contracts totaling nearly US$300 million to provide 6FA gas turbines and long-term services for the Salalah Independent Water & Power Project (IWPP).

The plant, located in the Taqah area of Salalah, about 1,000 kilometres southwest of the Omani capital city of Muscat, will have a capacity of 445MW and produce 15 million imperial gallons per day of desalinated water to help meet the region’s growing power and clean water needs.

The electricity and water output from the plant will be sold under a 15-year power and water purchase agreement executed by the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company and Sembcorp Salalah Power & Water Company, which is 60 percent owned by Sembcorp Utilities and 40 percent owned by the Oman Investment Corporation.

“This project is another example of the worldwide trend we are seeing toward the integration of power and water production at a single site, especially in the Middle East where population and industrial growth rates exceed many other regions of the world. Water and energy are interdependent; energy is needed to generate desalinated water and water is needed to produce energy. GE has the scale, diversity and expertise to effectively support power and water projects around the world,” said Joseph Anis, GE Energy’s President for the Middle East.

GE is supplying five heavy-duty Frame 6FA gas turbines, which are equipped with GE advanced emission control technologies. GE also has signed a 15-year contractual service agreement (CSA) for the project, which will include the supply of parts, repairs and field services, and will provide performance services for the gas turbine-generators and accessory equipment. To date, GE has service agreements, including CSAs, in place at more than 600 sites worldwide.

The Salalah project further expands the presence of GE’s F-class gas turbine technology for projects in the Middle East. The 6FA gas turbines have been used in a wide range of applications worldwide and have compiled more than two million hours of commercial service in 30 countries.

The Salalah IWPP project further expands GE’s presence in Oman and the Middle East. More than 1,000 GE turbines have been installed throughout the Middle East, providing more than 70 gigawatts of electricity.



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