Salcon awarded Abu Dhabi TSE plant contract

Water recycling plant comes at a cost of US$21 million.

Tan Kwee Kok, CEO of Salcon with Majid Al Mansouri, secretary general of the Environment Agency at the signing ceremony.
Tan Kwee Kok, CEO of Salcon with Majid Al Mansouri, secretary general of the Environment Agency at the signing ceremony.

Salcon, a subsidiary of Singapore-based company Boustead and a specialist in water and wastewater engineering, announced on Wednesday it has been awarded a US$21 million contract to design, engineer and construct a new water recycling plant for the enhanced treatment of treated sewage effluent (TSE) in Abu Dhabi.

The contract for the Al Wathba Enhanced Treated Sewage Effluent Treatment Plant was awarded by Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC). The plant will be operated by the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.

The plant will have a treatment capacity of 6 million gallons per day and will comprise processes including strainer, ultra-filtration treatment and ultra-violet light disinfection. Upon completion, the TSE Plant will be able to recycle and recover as much as 95 percent of the TSE supplied, producing high quality TSE water for agricultural irrigation and horticultural landscaping. The TSE Plant will be the first of its kind in the UAE and will provide a sustainable supply of water for the emirate’s horticultural requirements. By increasing water efficiency through the recycling process, the plant will also help to minimise the environmental impact of TSE, Salcon said in a press release.

“We are delighted that ADSSC selected Boustead Salcon Water Solutions to deliver the landmark Al Wathba Enhanced TSE Treatment Plant project, the first of its kind in the UAE. This is an important step in water conservation and sustainability in one of the most water stressed regions of the world,” said Tan Kwee Kok, Salcon chief executive officer.

The contract includes a five-year operations and maintenance agreement. Plant operations will be managed by an advanced integrated control system and SCADA system to ensure operating efficiency, reliability and safety of the integrated operations.
For the design, engineering and construction of the TSE plant, Salcon will draw on its expertise and experience gained from its turnkey EPC role in the 55,000 cubic metres/day Phase II Extension of Bedok NEWater Factory, owned and operated by PUB, the national water agency of Singapore. The Phase II Extension of Bedok NEWater Factory is a world-class showcase for PUB and Singapore, and is the first plant in the world to utilise commercial 16-inch reverse osmosis membranes.




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