DEWA to commission smart metering within 6 months

Authority looking at raft of measures to manage consumption.

DEWA CEO Al Tayer is keen to raise awareness of conservation amongst Dubai's residents.
DEWA CEO Al Tayer is keen to raise awareness of conservation amongst Dubai's residents.

Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) CEO and managing director Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer has said that smart metering will be rolled out in Dubai within six months.

“We have already started to look into smart metering. The commissioning will be within six months,” confirmed Al Tayer at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Courts, designed to promote energy and water conservation amongst the department’s workers.

Smart metering devices give utilities and end users more information about consumption, and help utilities to bill consumers according to their use of power and water. Conversely, they help end users to keep track of and reduce their consumption.

As in other GCC countries, per captia consumption in Dubai far exceeds the world average. With both water and electricity is subsidised, DEWA is looking to contain growing demand with a host of measures to raise environmental awareness and reduce power and water use, according to the CEO.

Al Tayer mentioned district cooling as one of the areas where DEWA is looking for efficiency gains. “We are now waiting for district cooling providers to modify their plants with thermal storage, because with their current plants are not sufficient for energy reduction,” said Al Tayer.

New district cooling plants are required to be fitted with thermal energy storage, which reduced energy consumption during peak loads. DEWA is also encouraging the use of treated wastewater to reduce the amount of desalinated water, Al Tayer said.


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