Renewables to feed into Bahrain grid: minister

Official says country cannot continue to rely on natural gas

Bahrain's minister of works, HE Fahmi Bin Ali Al Jowder
Bahrain's minister of works, HE Fahmi Bin Ali Al Jowder

By Ben Millington

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) will soon allow renewable energies to feed power back into the national grid according to the minister in charge HE Fahmi Bin Ali Al Jowder.

In an exclusive interview with Construction Week, Al Jowder said he recently appointed a national committee involving a number of ministries to study renewable energy options for the country, including how the private sector could contribute.

“Any renewable that is going to be produced by individual institutions has to feed back into the grid and they should get credit for that because we want to make renewable energies enticing,” he said.

“But we have to assess how this will work and this is going to be part of the work that the committee will be doing.”

Green groups have long been calling for governments across the GCC to allow building’s with renewable energies to tie into the grid and provide financial incentives for every kilowatt hour put back.

Al Jowder said the committee held its first meeting last week and is expected to make its first recommendations in nine months which he will present to Economic Board of Development (EDB).

He added that a higher committee was appointed by the cabinet two weeks ago which will look into nuclear energy options.

“We cannot continue to rely on natural gas to power our plants which means we have to move into other areas and this is what we have started doing,” he said.

“We are not just leaving it to eventualities, we are trying to plan for our future and look into the different available technologies.”

Al Jowder said Bahrain was one of the first countries to sign up the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) which formed in January and aims to promote the rapid transition towards sustainable us of renewable energy. 


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