ABB introduces remote service centres to UAE market

ABB launches its first remote service centre for its energy-saving variable speed drives solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The center provides 24/7 access to information and support for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of drives

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ABB continues to expand its global footprint of remote service centres for variable speed drives (VSDs) with its latest facilities inaugurated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), in March 2018. The new facilities in the Middle East complement the network of service centres operating already in China, India and Finland by providing round the clock support to local and global customers. The remote centres speed up identification of a customer’s potential problems. This helps to minimize the downtime of customer assets and, ultimately, provide savings to customers in operational costs.

“This new centre is a reinforcement of our commitment to support our customers in their digital journey,” said Mostafa AlGuezeri, Managing Director, ABB, in the UAE and Oversight Countries. “The centre applies our expertise in digitally-enabled technology to benefit our customers in the UAE and partner with them to develop a range of future services that will allow customer assets to become digital ready.”

Motors consume about 28% of the world’s electricity. Drives offer an energy efficient option by working alongside a motor to control its speed based on current load, instead of running the motor continuously on full speed.

This makes VSDs a key component of enabling energy efficiency and improving productivity.

Only about 10% of all motors are equipped with a VSD, which presents a significant saving opportunity especially in applications such as pumps, fans and compressors.

The ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring service helps anticipate possible operational issues and maintenance needs by monitoring real-time information such as drives availability, environmental conditions and fault events.

The ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance service delivers actionable insight and improvements for installed high demand drives with regular monitoring and data analysed by machine learning and ABB’s experts in cloud. The network of drives remote service centres will continue to expand to other continents in near future.


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