Xylem to manufacture pressure booster sets from Dubai facility

The engineered-to-order booster set range will be manufactured at Xylem’s first manufacturing facility in the Middle East, opened in 2016 as part of the company’s $35mn investment to expand across the Middle East and North Africa region


Global water technology company, Xylem, (NYSE: XYL), will start manufacturing its pressure booster sets for residential and commercial buildings from its recently opened manufacturing facility in Dubai.

Local production of the products will lead to reduced delivery times for regional customers.

The move will also allow for customisation of the products to suit customers’ needs while at the same time enhancing efficiency.

With up to 80% of the UAE’s electricity consumed by buildings for essentials such as air conditioning, the Middle East is moving to ‘Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs)’ to save energy and reduce operational costs.

Xylem’s advanced booster sets deliver improved system performance for maximum comfort and the lowest energy consumption. The comprehensive range contains variable and fixed speed booster sets, as well as constant pressure sets.

“We hear from customers in commercial buildings and residential settings every day who are seeking to enhance the efficiency of their pumping systems,” said Marco Ferretti, Xylem MENA’s Operations Director.

“Manufacturing our renowned pressure booster sets range here in Dubai means that we can now deliver even greater customisation to address customers’ unique, and often complex needs, within the shortest possible timeframe.

“This is particularly important at a time of evolving energy efficiency regulations. Local manufacturing allows us to stay closer to the customer and truly partner with them as we solve their water challenges – from manufacturing, to installation, to a 24/7 aftermarket service.”

Booster sets available for residential and commercial buildings applications include:

  • GHV: A variable speed booster sets range equipped with HYDROVAR® 5th Generation. With its motor mounted design, it can be used to drive up to eight pumps.
  • SMB: A variable speed booster sets range equipped with integrated eSM drive and permanent magnet motor.
  • ResiBoost: A variable speed booster sets range developed for residential buildings (single phase up to 2.2kW).

All sets are complete, ready to install and easy to commission.

Xylem’s pressure booster sets are installed in applications around the world. In Dubai, Burj Khalifa has adopted a fully integrated system which controls the water levels in the building’s tanks as well as controlling flow, pressure and temperature.

The company’s custom-designed variable speed booster sets distribute 1000 cubic meters (m3) of water to the top of the 800-meter (m) building.


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