$83mn for new water projects in Oman

Move to address the demand for potable water in Oman which is rising at a rate of 15 per cent every year


Oman's Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) plans to implement projects worth RO32 million ($83.12 million) to meet the growing demand for water in the sultanate.

The demand for potable water is rising at the rate of 15 per cent every year, a report in Oman Daily Observer said.

Among the projects are new reservoirs with emergency feeder systems (1,600-mm pipelines) alongside the existing 1,000-mm and 600-mm pipelines.

The authority hopes to cater to both residential and commercial requirements through these systems, the report said.

 “We have added six new reservoirs in wilayats and improved the basic water distribution infrastructure. We have bigger transmission lines, new reservoirs and new emergency response systems to face future challenges,” Abdullah Ahmed Al Arafati, senior nanager, Muscat Operations, PAEW, was quoted as saying by the Oman Daily Observer.

The Qurayat water desalination plant, which will be operational by end of this year, will produce 200,000 cu m of water a day, it said.

Meanwhile, PAEW has organised a field visit of media  personnel to highlight the efforts exerted in water transport and implementation of sustainability projects in the water sector in the Governorate of Muscat.

The visit included a number of sites, notably the water pumping plant in Al Ghubrah, which feeds the Governorate of Muscat and the major reservoirs in Al Wuttiyah and Al Qurm, an Oman News Agency report said.


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