Schneider Electric launches low harmonic drives

Schneider’s ATV680 and ATV980 can be used for low voltage applications


Expanding the company’s line of Altivar Process variable speed drives, Schneider Electric’s Altivar 680 (ATV680) and Altivar Regenerative 980 Compact (ATV980) low harmonic drives are both active front end (AFE) drives that have a three-level input switching stage, which aim to reduce common mode voltage and improve performance and efficiency.

Schneider Electric’s ATV680 and ATV980 claim to be the most user friendly variable speed AC Drive Systems on the market. They hope to enable business optimization through improved lifecycle asset management and optimize energy consumption by enabling information and operational technology convergence.

The Altivar680 can be used for water and waste/water applications. It aims to mitigate harmonics while performing efficiently at various speeds. It has internal application functions, such as anti-jam; multi-pump control; and asset protection via pipe fill.

The Altivar980 is for oil & gas and mechanical movement applications. It aims to provide flexibility in regenerative applications for upstream production by avoiding the use of baking resistors. It is compact and has internal application functions such as energy adaptive function allow for greater energy savings.


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