Dubai summit to highlight smart grid vulnerabilities

Leading experts to share knowledge and experience on how to secure the grid as digitalisation takes root in the GCC


Smart Grids are widely adopted by many countries in a move to become smarter cities, thereby improving the quality of power. However, due to the huge scale of these critical infrastructure and the data gathered by them, it is vital to address the security concerns of Smart Grids.

In line with the current challenges to the security of Smart Grids, OSGP Alliance, the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), is poised to host the 2nd Annual Smart Grid Security Summit, a security conference dedicated to utilities, regulators, ministries, consultants, researchers and vendors, on May 22, 2017 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai.

While understanding the current and future threat landscape for Smart Grids, the 2nd Annual Smart Grid Security Summit will focus on approaches to mitigate these threats in an effective manner. A panel discussion by leading experts will present a few case studies from the field as examples of how to know the threats and address them. It will also provide deeper insights on the immediate need to conserve energy resources by switching to a system that supports rationalized consumption.

“In a bid to transform to a non-oil-based economy, the Middle East is accelerating the process of the implementation of Smart Grids. The move will help them conserve non-renewable resources as it relies heavily on them for its daily energy needs,” said Bo Danielsen, Chairman of the OSGP Alliance and the head of installation and metering at SEAS-NVE.

“The deployment of Smart Grids brings forth the issue of security, which will be the core of the 2nd Annual Smart Grid Security Summit. We are confident that the conference will be enlightening for the region’s stakeholders on the sustainable use of energy resources.”

The 2nd annual Smart Grid Security Summit will kick off with a Keynote on the SEWA Smart Grid Vision by H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman of the Sharjah Electricity and Water Board.

The agenda includes talks on ‘NES Patagonia Security: A Practical Perspective’ by Emil Gurevitch, NES; ‘Tauron: Utility Case Study’ by Marius Jurczyk, Tauron; ‘Emerging Cyber Threats and Counter Measures’ by Muhammed Adil Hayat Khan, Health Authority Abu Dhabi; ‘A Collaborative Approach to Grid Security: A Case Study of Utility, Vendor, Pentest Project’ by Bo Danielsen and Emil Gurevitch; and ‘Security Presentation’ by Wail Gadour, Oracle. The final session will be a Round Table Discussion moderated by Kip Gering from NES with the participation of Eng. Doreb Ibrahim from SEWA and speakers Danielsen, Gurevitch, Gadour, and Khan.



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