Kuwait smartens up

Country orders advanced water meters suitable for smart grid

Kuwait is investing in new meters.
Kuwait is investing in new meters.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water ordered 170.000 water meters automatic meter reading meters from Elster, a Germany-based producer.

The meters can be deployed in residences, government buildings and other facilities, and will help Kuwait monitor consumption and develop water management programs.

As the meters are equipped with modern connectivity and interface systems, they can be linked up to future smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure projects.

Designed to withstand temperature ranges from above 90 degrees Celsius to below freezing, as well as violent sand and dust storms, Elster’s water meters will be deployed inside and outside of house walls and in sidewalks.

"Elster specifically designed the water meters for Kuwait to withstand a number of extreme environmental conditions. Our smart metering solutions are ideally suited for desert conditions across the Middle East," said Jerry Lauzze, executive vice president of Elster's global water business.

Elster is working with Al Khatla, its partner for all projects in Kuwait, which will deliver the meters and accessories to the Ministry.



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