Abu Dhabi to treat sewage water for irrigation

76 per cent of the water currently used on landscapes and streetscapes are sewage treated water


Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has announced that all landscape and streetscape irrigation and fountain systems will be replaced by treated sewage effluent (TSE) by the year 2030.
As part of the Capital's vision of a sustainable, eco-friendly and green city, the masterplan will help save clean water that is currently being washed away, ADM officials explained.

Husain Al Saeedi, Head of Monitoring and Control Irrigation System Section, Parks and Recreation Facilities Department, ADM, spoke to Khaleej Times about the sustainable project on the sidelines of the Future Landscape and Public Realm UAE Conference.

"We have a regulation and ADM is trying to minimise the usage of water, whether it is by TSE, or portable water."
He pointed out that TSE, which comes from Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company, has been treated and utilised on a majorityof the Capital's current landscapes. In fact, 76 per cent of the water currently used on landscapes and streetscapes are sewage treated water.

"We have a plan to remove all the fresh water and use TSE in our irrigation, that is our future plan."
"TSE will reach 80 per cent by 2018," he added.

Al Saeedi noted that the capital has a number of projects for 2030, although details are held back.
"These projects need a plan and it is a Dh3.5 billion plan which is aligned with other stakeholders, including Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company, in order to provide an irrigation infrastructure, such as pipes and pump stations."

Salih Al Ameri, Head of Integrated Planning, ADM, said the Capital is also making use of its unique native plants, which will help save on the water that is being wasted down the drain. Khaleej Times


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