DEWA completes 53% of M-Station expansion

M-Station is largest power plant in the UAE with total cost reaching AED 11.62 billion and will produce 2,760MW on completion

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Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that it has completed 53% of the M-Station expansion project. The M-Station is the newest and largest power production and water desalination plant in the UAE. DEWA completed 3.9 million safe man-hours without any injuries.

DEWA is set to inaugurate two gas turbine generators on 31 May 2017, which will be followed by the addition of two heat recovery steam turbine generators and one back-pressure steam turbine on 30 April 2018. This will increase the plant’s thermal efficiency from 82.4% to 85.8%, which is considered one of the highest thermal-efficiency rates in the world.

The total cost of M-Station will be AED 11.62 billion. It was launched in 2013 at a cost of AED 10.15 billion, and the estimated cost of the expansion project is AED 1.47 billion. The project will be completed and delivered by end of April 2018.

The expansion project includes new power generation units with a capacity of 700MW to be added to the current capacity of the station to eventually produce 2,760MW by 2018. Its current total capacity is 2,060MW of electricity and 140 million imperial gallons of water per day (MIGD). The station adopts the highest levels of availability, reliability, and efficiency, using the most advanced technologies in the world.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, was briefed by representatives from Siemens on the project including its operational process and completion. DEWA has appointed Mott MacDonald as the consultancy company of the project. Nasser Lootah, Executive Vice President of Generation at DEWA, and Mansoor Al Suwaidi, Vice President for Projects Generation at DEWA, joined HE Al Tayer during the tour.

The M-Station is equipped with the latest and most advanced technological systems. It was launched in 2013 at a cost of AED 10.15 billion. This includes AED 6.2 billion for electricity to provide 2060MW through 6 Siemens (F) model gas turbines with a capacity of 234MW each, 6 heat recovery steam turbine generators, and 3 back-pressure steam turbines with a capacity of 218MW each. The project has been completed in phases since mid-2010. The desalination cost is AED 3.95 billion using 8 desalination units with multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) technology, with a capacity of 17.5 million MIGD for each unit, with a total of 140 million gallons per day. There are two dual-fuel fired auxiliary boilers of 390 tonnes per hour and 16 fuel oil storage tanks each with a capacity of 20,000 cubic metres. The total fuel storage tank’s capacity is 320,000 cubic meters.

DEWA continues to build a strong infrastructure to enhance its installed capacity, which is currently 9,900MW of electricity and 470 million MIGD. DEWA enhanced its efficiency rate between 84-90%, while production capacity improved by 27% in 2015 compared to 2006, with the use of efficient technologies in electricity production and desalination.


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