Grundfos pumps Rain Bird golfcourse irrigation

The Grundfos CR multistage centrifugal pumps and SP submersible pumps offer a wide range of solutions that make its pumps ideal for the Rain Bird applications


Rain Bird Corporation is one of the leading irrigation manufacturers in the world. A privately held company founded in 1933, Rain Bird has over 4,000 product offerings, and has been awarded over 130 patents. The first Rain Bird patent was granted in 1935, and that original impact sprinkler was designated a historic US landmark in 1990. Complete confidence in Rain Bird quality, reliability and ease of use is demonstrated daily on golf courses around the world. Rain Bird was the first to install an irrigation system on a golf course and the first to develop central control.

The situation more than 60 years after the first sprinkler, Rain Bird pump stations continue to offer the type of innovations and reliability that have made Rain Bird the first choice in golf course irrigation. Rain Bird has a unique integrated approach to golf course irrigation. This has resulted in the possibility to integrate its market leading Cirrus, Nimbus II and Stratus II control systems with the Rain Bird pump stations, providing a simple to operate and highly efficient means of water delivery and energy management, to ensure optimized water usage and power management with just a few clicks.

Rain Bird Sweden was the first company to develop variable speed pump stations for golf course irrigation. Today hundreds of Golf Courses in Europe and other continents benefit from the convenience and reliability of Rain Bird pump stations.

The Grundfos Solution, The Grundfos CR multistage centrifugal pumps and SP submersible pumps offer a wide range of solutions that make these pumps ideal for the Rain Bird applications. The CR and SP pumps are available in a variety of sizes and different versions. The high efficiency that these pumps offer – up to 80% – results in extremely low energy consumption and low long-term running costs.

The CR pumps are fitted with a hardwearing, sand resistant silicon carbide cartridge shaft seal system, which can be replaced on site without dismantling the pump. The Outcome The Grundfos pumps used for Rain Bird pump stations provide high efficiency at low energy consumption, and the compact in-line construction of the Grundfos pumps allows for a simplified design of these units.

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