BHS bags mixed water processing deal in Oman

Al Ramooz National LLC, headquartered in the Sultanate of Oman, has selected Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), Eugene, Oregon, to provide two mixed waste processing facilities

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Recycling equipment maker Bulk Handling Systems of Eugene will equip two recycling plants in Oman.

BHS has been hired by Oman-based Al Ramooz LLC to design, manufacture and install recycling equipment for refuse processing plants in the cities of Ibri and Buraimi, in northwest Oman.

BHS said the recycling systems will start operation next year.

The plants will sort materials that can be either recycled or burned for energy, or need to be landfilled.

BHS Marketing Director Peter Raschio declined to disclose terms of the contract with Al Ramooz, but said the deal is worth “several million dollars.”

The recycling plants will help Al Ramooz fulfill a contract to collect the refuse of 250,000 residents in the two cities, BHS said.

BHS, at 3592 West Fifth Ave., also will equip the two plants so they can produce refuse-derived fuel.

In such plants, refuse that would normally be buried in landfills is shredded to uniform size and burned to produce heat that generates steam or electricity.

In a statement, BHS Chief Executive Steve Miller said “Al Ramooz has demonstrated environmental leadership and a commitment to material diversion from landfills in Oman. Their leadership team was very transparent that the goal here is to recover recyclable commodities first and foremost, and the technology is in place to do just that.”

BHS machines will open trash bags and provide the plants with a “steady flow of material,” the company said. Screens and separators will sort organic waste from containers and bulk items such as wood and rocks, BHS said. Optical sorting machines will identify plastics. Recylables such as cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum other metals will be recovered from the waste stream, BHS said.

Al Ramooz Chairman Ali Saleh Al Sahib said the two recycling systems from BHS “are an investment in the longterm sustainability of Oman. BHS offered the most advanced and complete system to help us reach our goals, and we are especially excited to bring such a high level of technology to our process. We were able to collaborate on creative layouts to immediately maximize our recovery and value from the waste stream while simultaneously building in the flexibility to expand our processing capabilities in the future.”

Oman sits on the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula, near the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Ibri and Buraimi are in north Oman, near the United Arab Emirates.

Raschio, BHS’ marketing director, said the company’s business “continues to grow with each project. We currently have the largest backlog in company history.”

BHS, with 187 Eugene workers, hired 19 employees last quarter, he said. BHS is looking for 15 employees for production, including welders and fabricators, plus engineering, sales, service and administration jobs, Raschio said.

“We’re going to be very busy for the foreseeable future designing, engineering and manufacturing systems and installing them throughout the world,” he said.


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