Tunisia renewables attract foreign companies

Thirty five French, Belgian and Spanish companies have expressed their intention to invest in renewable energy projects in Tunisia

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Thirty five French, Belgian and Spanish companies expressed the intention to invest in renewable energy projects in Tunisia, said director-general of STEG renewable energy Moncef Herabi.

He added in a statement to TAP on the sidelines of a seminar on renewable energy organised, Thursday, by the association for climate change and sustainable development, that these projects are shared out between photovoltaic energy (20) and wind energy (15), reported Reuters.

Herabi pointed out that STEG renewable energy had conducted several efficiency studies as part of contracts for the benefit of the above mentioned companies since 2015. These studies helped determine the investments' execution sites in photovoltaic and wind energy in all the regions of the Republic, notably, the governorates of Kasserine, Tataouine, Medenine, Gabès and other interior governorates.

He explained that the companies will present their files to the energy and mines ministry to get agreement on investment in this sector as soon as the implementation decrees of this law are released, during a cabinet meeting to be held in two weeks.

These implementation decrees stipulates that the production capacity of a project should not exceed 10 megawatts for solar energy and 30 megawatts for wind energy, and that a high rate of industrial integration should be adopted and this by associating local industries in the achievement of these projects.

These companies should conclude business contracts, allowing to supply STEG with their production.


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