LG Chem bags water treatment filter deal in Oman

The deal will help the company strengthen its presence in the global water resource management market

LG chem staff at one of the company's factories
LG chem staff at one of the company's factories

LG Chem, one of S. Korea’s leading chemical companies, has been selected as the exclusive supplier of water treatment filters to a desalination plant in Oman.

LG Chem said on June 13 that it will supply by the end of 2017 reverse osmosis (RO) desalination filters to the plant being built by Sohar SWRO in Sohar, Oman. Spanish water services giant Valoriza Agua owns the largest stake in Sohar SWRO, based in Sohar.

LG Chem will exclusively supply about 20,000 RO desalination filters, which can produce about 250,000 tons of desalinated water a day for some 800,000 people, to the plant by the end of 2017.

The Persian Gulf region, where Sohar is located, has the highest seawater salinity in the world and high water temperatures and thus needs high-capacity desalination plants more badly than any other region.

An LG Chem official said: “The results of a series of tests by SWRO showed that LG Chem’s filters excel in eliminating salt and boron from seawater. The winning of the deal is another testament to our ownership of world-class technologies in the field.”

The latest deal is expected to help boost LG Chem’s chances of winning other water treatment deals in Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE and Iran.

Above all, LG Chem has bagged a series of large-scale deals in the Middle East, Europe and North America in just 8 months since the opening of its first water treatment filter production line at the Cheongju plant. With the latest contract, the company now provides RO filters to 19 countries across five continents.


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