GE achieves breakthrough technology in KSA

GE has achieved breakthrough results in Hot & Harsh technology development currently being undertaken in Saudi Arabia


GE has achieved breakthrough results in Hot & Harsh technology development currently being undertaken in Saudi Arabia to identify localised solutions for enhancements in performance, availability and reliability against depleting factors such as temperature, dust, corrosion and fuel harshness.

Research and development by a dedicated team from Power business, at the GE Saudi Technology & Innovation Centre (STIC), in collaboration with GE Global Research Centre, has resulted in developing six patents with 18 currently in progress.

The breakthrough findings will benefit the operations of the GE Manufacturing Technology Centre in Dammam by providing guidelines for the next generation component design that are meant to be robust against such harsh conditions.

The research further exemplifies the GE Store, a bustling marketplace of ideas, applications and solutions, shared across industries to improve customer outcomes. The findings benefit the power sector, yet also have application as oil and gas technology.

Hisham Albahkali, GE’s president & chief executive for Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, said: "One of the key pillars of the Saudi Vision 2030 is to strengthen the operational efficiency across the energy sector and enhance productivity levels."

"The Hot & Harsh technology development program initiated by GE in the Kingdom is a global-first that aims to identify effective solutions to address challenges such as high temperature, dust, corrosion and fuel harshness. Through our research breakthroughs, we can contribute to enhancing the asset use by optimization of assets, boosting reliability and productivity," he stated.

Eissa Aqeeli, the president and chief executive of Power Services, Saudi Arabia, GE Power, said: "The Hot & Harsh research program is a testament to our commitment to promote localised innovation, whereby we work with key Saudi educational institutions in advancing state-of-the-art research in turbomachinery."

"By working with our global engineers, the research program facilitates knowledge sharing and builds the skills of Saudi talents. The application of the findings also adds value to our customers by enabling them to achieve cost efficiencies through greater optimization of operations," he noted.

The Hot & Harsh technology development program complements the manufacturing of the first ‘Made in Saudi’ gas turbine that will roll out from the GE Manufacturing Technology Centre later this year.

Since commencement last year, GE has been conducting dedicated research on technologies that are important for customers in enhancing the productivity and reliability of their power generation assets. The findings of the research will have wide-spread application across GE equipment deployed in the Middle East and Africa.

According to GE, the patents developed cover areas such as fuel additives, sensors for hot corrosion, cooling, ultrasonic leak detection and repair.

All of them are applicable for the energy sector, and cover mechanical and enhancement technologies for the equipment used, it stated.

The GE Manufacturing Technology Centre includes a manufacturing facility of high technology equipment for the power, water and oil and gas industries; a service and repair shop for advanced turbine equipment; and a training centre that will offer the latest technology and managerial courses for college students, field engineers and other power industry professionals throughout the region.

The centre currently exports parts and services to 70 customers in 40 countries including Europe and to the US and supports a robust local supply chain of Saudi SMEs


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