Oman holds seminar on wastewater management

A seminar on "The Management of the Decentralised Treatment of Sanitary Drainage Water in the Sultanate" began at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Al Khuwair on Monday

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A seminar on "The Management of the Decentralised Treatment of Sanitary Drainage Water in the Sultanate" began at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Al Khuwair on Monday.

The two-day seminar is being organised by The Research Council (TRC), represented by Integrated Advanced Technologies Institute (IATI). The seminar aims at raising awareness of the sanitary drainage sector staff of the aims and outcomes of the pilot project carried out by TRC and involving them in selecting the best concept for the project.

The project is part of the strategic partnership between TRC represented by IATI and Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research GmbH -- UFZ in a bid to develop integrated and feasible solution for decentralised sanitary drainage water treatment, especially in rural areas that are away from the centralised sanitary drainage networks.

Dr Hilal bin Ali al Hinai, Secretary General of TRC, said, "The main aim of the workshop is making a clear decision with regard to the establishment of experimental site for testing the different technologies and adapting them to the various needs of the Sultanate, as well as, developing and approving an electronic system to help decision makers to choose the most appropriate technologies for the different stages of wastewater treatment."

He added that IATI aims at the development of the national capabilities in the field of the development of implementable and marketable technologies through the integration of current technologies. Dr Yasmeen al Lawati, Executive Deputy Director of the Institute for Advanced Technology Integration (IATI), said, "We are trying to bring the experts from different stakeholders to join us to evaluate this project and to release the funds of this project, and also to assess what is the future project potential."

According to Dr Mohammed bin Nasser Al Rawahi, Researcher in the field of wastewater management at IATI, decentralised solutions are important because of many reasons including that they are sustainable, tolerant towards inflow quality and hydraulic fluctuations, have lower capital cost compared to centralized solutions, they protect fresh water, and their technologies have low operation and maintenance cost and they provide onsite reuse option.

Prof Dr Roland Mueller, Head of the Centre for Environmental Biotechnology (UBZ) Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), said that for rural and suburban areas in Oman, Decentralized Wastewater Management (DWWM) can be a more feasible and more economical solution than centralised systems.

Participants represented different stakeholder institutions including the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, HAYA Water Company, the Innovation Park Muscat, Sultan Qaboos University and Petroleum Development of Oman Company.

The workshop in its 2nd day will address R&D SITE Concept of the project, introduction of the PhD project "Development of an aerated vertical flow constructed wetland covered with a vegetated surface cover suitable for Omani wastewater qualities, site concept alternatives for the IATI-WW R&D Site, site concept alternatives for the IATI-WW R&D Site, and identification of potential support and interfaces for implementing the IATI-WW R&D Site & Agreement on next step


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