KSA to spend $1.9bn for water security in Makkah

Saudi Arabia will spend nearly $1.9bn to help enhance water security in the Makkah region, a senior official in the Kingdom has revealed

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Saudi Arabia will spend nearly $1.9bn to help enhance water security in the Makkah region, a senior official in the Kingdom has revealed.

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, governor of Makkah made the announcement at a recent meeting with officials from the Holy Sites Development Authority.

Prince Khaled will this week attend the launch of the project that is being run under the auspices of the National Water Company (NWC) in Makkah. The project covers Makkah, Jeddah and Taif and will increase capacity by 5.4 million cubic meters.

Abdullah Al-Hussayen, water and electricity minister and chairman of the NWC board, said the project would be carried out in three phases, with Jeddah getting an additional capacity of 4 million cubic meters at a cost of SR1.5 billion, reported Arab News.

Taif would get eight extra water tanks with a capacity of 175,000 cubic meters. "The goal is to increase the operational efficiency of the water sector and keep up with the demand from other neighbourhoods. The cost of this phase will be more than SR219 million," he said.

He said the company would also upgrade nine sewage treatment plants serving the three cities from 540,000 to 1.5 million cubic meters a day, and to boost its quality with triple treatment.

"We completed the building of the environmental services system in Jeddah for the southern region through the implementation and operation of the Khumrah station, with an increase of 250,000 cubic meters a day."

He said there has also been an upgrade of the Khumrah 3 station by 140,000 cubic meters, and the industrial Khumrah station by 50,000 cubic meters a day. This means that the treatment for Jeddah will be 2.5 million cubic meters, he said.

Al-Hussayen said the company has also doubled the capacity of the treatment stations in Makkah. "The capacity of Hada station was increased by 125,000 cubic meters to 250,000 cubic meters a day, in addition to the implementation and operation of the Arnah station by 250,000 cubic meters."

In Taif, the company completed the triple treatment station in Wadi Alarraj after increasing its capacity by 80,000 cubic meters to 147,000 cubic meters, the minister said.

Prince Khaled had earlier at the meeting outlined plans to ensure that businesspeople invest in Makkah, and set out procedures to protect the rights of all parties. He said all projects would have to conform to the city's Islamic identity.


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