Saudi youths producing water pumps for export

A group of Saudi youths is manufacturing water pumps and exporting them to the US market


A group of Saudi youths is manufacturing water pumps and exporting them to the US market, according to a website.

The group of young engineers and technicians are now running one of the largest Saudi companies which specialises in the industry and production of pipes, pumps, valves and fluid control equipment. Sixty percent of the company’s products are exported to the US.

Though the entry of Saudis in the industrial and technical areas is rare, there are a number of graduates of technical and professional training programs who have entered into the field, reported Arab News.

Ibrahim Al-Haji, quality control supervisor at the company, said that during his practical experience with one of the companies, he presented a simple idea on how to minimize the number of workers and increase productivity. He did not expect his idea would be implemented, but they not only applied the idea but also gave him the opportunity to work.

He graduated from the Technical College of Riyadh where he received first position, followed by training from German experts on high engineering standards when he was studying at the college for technical trainers in the city.

Abdul Aziz Al-Harbi, director of human resources at the company, said that the success of Saudi youths in production and export of these items to the US, as well as their proposal for successful management, indicates that youths have innovative ideas even for industries.



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