Saudi Electricity orders six GE gas turbines

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has placed an order for six more gas turbine packages from GE for its existing power plants in Jizan and Tabouk

TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine
TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has placed an order for six more gas turbine packages from GE for its existing power plants in Jizan and Tabouk.

The move comes weeks after GE announced that it had won a contract worth almost US$1bn to design and build gas turbines for a new power plant at Waad Al Shamal in northern Saudi Arabia.

The trailer-mounted, fast-starting TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine packages are equipped with black start capability and can serve as emergency generators in the event of a power outage.

Each gas turbine can deliver around 30 MW, totalling approximately 180 MW, and will be able to provide the equivalent power needed to supply nearly 70,000 Saudi homes.

The order follows the successful 2015 commissioning of five TM2500+ units throughout Saudi Arabia. The new TM2500+ mobile packages have been produced and are expected to be shipped to the site locations soon.

“Given the peak demands we experience during the summer, especially in the desert terrains, we must increase our capacity quickly and efficiently,” said Ziyad Al Shiha, CEO of SEC.

“By enhancing our fleet with proven technology from GE, we will be prepared for this summer’s power needs and able to manage the rising demand even in isolated areas of the grid.”

The TM2500+ mobile technology will enable GE to move quickly to meet the peaking demand in Saudi’s isolated grid that increase at 10 to 12 % annually. This will allow SEC put more efficient, cleaner energy on the grid exactly where it is most needed.

“The new order builds on the successfully delivery of our TM2500+ units that have met the expectations of SEC and delivered fast power at point of need,” said Mohammed Mohaisen, President & CEO of Gas Power Systems, Middle East and North Africa for GE Power.

The new order is bolstered by GE’s anticipated joint venture with SEC, expected to extend operations and maintenance (O&M) support to SEC’s power plants in the Kingdom. In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the joint venture, GE plans to extend its advance technologies and train SEC staff to undertake the O&M services.

GE’s advanced turbines support power generation in over 40 SEC sites in the Kingdom. GE currently has an installed base of more than 550 GE turbines generating over half of Saudi’s electricity and has advanced technology that supports the production of 180 million litres of water daily, delivered to the country’s most remote locations.


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