Siemens’ new H-Class turbine to power ME

The H-Class turbine technology by Siemens has achieved a world-record electrical efficiency and record power generating capacity during a test run in Germany

Siemens H-Class turbines set new world record
Siemens H-Class turbines set new world record

 The H-Class turbine technology by Siemens has achieved a world-record electrical efficiency and record power generating capacity during a test run in Germany.

The gas turbine is capable of running at full load in less than 25 minutes after a hot start, enabling it to also be used as a backup for renewables-based power production.

This flexibility supports the operator in efforts to achieve economical operations in a challenging environment for conventional power plants.

Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO, Siemens Middle East and UAE noted that this achievement would have a significant impact to the region as it continues to witness unprecedented growth in energy demand.

“Each country must develop a reliable energy mix which accommodates this growth,” said Siersdorfer.

“By 2030 we expect that more than 65% of the Middle East's power generation will come from natural gas-fired plants. It therefore makes sense to use fuel and capital for solutions that deliver the most power for the least amount of resource. Our customers expect this, and the economic and environmental benefits are clear.”

“We currently see typical power plants connected to the grid with average efficiencies varying between 35 per cent up to 58 per cent.”

He said that while the efficiency levels vary with climatic conditions, an H-Class power plant capable of operating at more than 61% would be a game-changer for the Middle East's energy mix.

He said that Siemens has firm orders for 76 H-Class turbines, and that 17 were already in commercial use with more than 195,000 hours of operation worldwide.

“This is a thoroughly tested and proven technology that already works in practically every corner of the globe. And it's just broken the world record for efficiency - again. We are not only offering a record-breaking product. We are offering customers peace of mind,” said Siersdorfer.

Statistics show that a single H-Class turbine in combined cycle can produce enough power to provide electricity to more than 2 million people, which could represent an extraordinary leap forward in gas-fired power generation.

He pointed out that countries to which H-Class technologies are well suited are characterised by high projected increases in electricity demand, large-scale grids and an expectation to retire ageing power generation infrastructure in the near future.

“Egypt, UAE, Qatar and Oman are all good examples of countries to which this technology can make a significant contribution to an efficient, reliable and increasingly sustainable future energy mix.”

“Our portfolio is focused on energy efficiency at all sizes, in order to suit a wide range of applications. The H-Class is a valuable addition to our technology portfolio in the Middle East,” he added.



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