ABB to strengthen power network at Dubai airport

The upgraded system includes replacement of the central computers and deployment of the latest version of ABB's network manager software

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ABB will upgrade its SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system for the power network at Dubai International Airport.

The upgraded system includes replacement of the central computers and deployment of the latest version of ABB's network manager software. This will connect to the existing field devices (remote terminal units, bay control units and main distribution boards) and increase the operational reliability and efficiency of the power network to support a large-scale airport expansion plan.

ABB delivered the first SCADA system to Dubai International in 2004 and the monitored network has grown five-fold since then. In addition to augmenting capacity and offering, advanced features include highly efficient real-time alarm and event handling.

ABB's SCADA solution provides a common power distribution automation system, and today handles data signals from approximately 100,000 sources distributed over the entire power network at any given time.

As part of the current system, field-based sensors continuously monitor detailed data related to the power network in real time, and provide the operator with analytics to support decision making processes and optimize operations.

"This upgrade will provide advanced automation of the power distribution network and enable reliable and efficient power supplies to the world's busiest international airport, optimising the use of resources and minimising disruption to passengers" said Claudio Facchin, President of ABB's Power Grids division.

"Grid automation and leveraging our software portfolio to deliver enhanced customer value are key elements of our Next Level strategy supporting our Internet of Things, Services and People approach."

A SCADA system enables remote monitoring and control of complex systems. It can be combined with a data acquisition system to acquire information about the status of the remote equipment. These computer-based systems help monitor and control industrial, infrastructure and facility based processes and are extensively used in applications like electrical power transmission and distribution.

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.


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