HTBM (Shams) to supply Azmeel Contracting

Dubai-based firm will provide products such as mobile solar light towers to Saudi construction company.

A HTBM solar light tower
A HTBM solar light tower

HTBM (Shams) ME Solar Power Solutions, a Dubai based company has signed an agreement with AZMEEL Contracting Company of KSA for long term supply of solar products such as mobile tower lights to be use by the company for their different requirements, from their project sites to labour camps.

Azmeel Contrating Company is a major contracting company active in KSA and in other countries, known for their many prestigious projects.

Mr. Ibrahim, CEO of Azmeel Infrastructure, said: “This agreement with HTBM is one of our company’s goals in keeping our corporate responsibility towards society and environment.

“Solar products have a lower running cost than most of our site equipment which are run on diesel or conventional electric power.

“Solar Products are environmentally friendly and very economical in long run. HTBM in other hand is perfect partner for this goal since they are pioneer in UAE Market and this is their field of expertise.”

Construction in KSA is booming but the environmental impact is a major concern. The government and all major developer companies are addressing this by investing in solar and having long term solutions that has effect on sustainability and environmental issues.

Mr. Hisham Al Khateeb (HTBM’s General Director) said: “This is one of the fruit from the seeds we have planted. HTBM (Shams) is one of the pioneering local manufacturing/producing companies in UAE, and we believe that solar powered products are this generation’s innovative products.

“Our company has made many efforts to improve the product and to be readily available in the market anytime, efforts such as collaborating with academic institutions for technical improvements and research and developments, free seminars to schools to create awareness among students, free demonstrations/trial at project sites and so on.

“We are a Dubai based firm and we are one of the pioneer in this industry, we have done this from concept to development.”


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