Oman should introduce solar Feed in Tarriff scheme

Rooftop PV could add as much as 1.4GW to the electricity grid, study finds.

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A Feed in Tarriff scheme could encourage the installation of as much as 1.4GW of rooftop solar capacity in Oman.

Muscat Governate alone could contribute 450MW, equivalent to a medium sized gas-fired power plant, according to a report in the Oman Daily Observer.

These are the main findings of a report commissioned by Oman's Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) in collaboration with German Agency for International Cooperation.

"One of the recommendations that came out of the study was for the introduction of a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) mechanism, which does not exist at the moment,” said Khalil Alzidi, PAEW's Senior Engineer -- Renewable Energy.

“The absence of Feed-in-Tariffs is one of the (shortcomings) that needs to be addressed (if private investment in renewable energy development is to make headway in the Sultanate," the official said.

FiT allows for producers to sell electricity to the grid. The scheme is in contrast to the Net Metering system opted for in Dubai which allows customers to extract one unit of electricity from the grid for every one supplied.

The PAEW study found that any FiT scheme should ideally be of 20 years’ duration to encourage the installation installation of rooftop solar.


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