Kuwait approves projects worth $10bn

Projects include adding 3,850MW to installed power generation capacity.

Kuwait City
Kuwait City

Kuwait has approved the construction of a series of power plants, desalination facilities and other infrastructure projects worth up to $9.9bn (KWD3bn).

While no timeline has been set for most projects, which are expected to add 3,580MW to the country's electricity capacity, a planned sewage plant will commence by the year 2020.

No information has been shared regarding project funding, except that 50% of the funds will be raised through stock market offerings, Reuters reported citing Kuwait's finance ministry on Saturday.

Kuwait has also planned a second phase of the gas-fired Az-Zour North power and desalinated water plant that has an initial capacity of 1,800MW.

The country will construct the first phase of the Khairan power plant with 1,500MW of capacity, expected to use different types of fuel; and, the Al Abdaliyah power plant with a capacity of 280MW.
Up to 60MW of the Al Abdaliyah power plant will be generated from solar energy, while the rest will be fed by gas.

Kuwait plans to generate 15% of its energy needs through renewable resources by the year 2030.

Oil minister Ali Saleh al-Omair said in June 2015 that the first of up to 100 solar-powered fuelling stations will be operational by 2017.
A pilot 70 megawatt project in the Shagaya desert zone west of Kuwait City is expected to be completed by next year.


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