Egypt to export power to Libya

Up to a 100MW could be supplied to neighbour despite suffering its own shortages.

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Egypt has agreed to export electricity to Libya to help the civil war torn country cope with a major shortage, despite suffering from frequent power outages itself.

Libya will receive 75MW from Egypt and 250MW from Tunisia, its neighbour to the west, Reuters said citing Prime Minister of Libya's Tripoli-based government, which is not internationally recognised,

Khalifa al-Ghwell Al-Ghwell told a news conference late on Tuesday that his government had also rented generators with a capacity of 240 MW, adding that the closure of steel firm Lisco would save 100 MW which will be fed into the Tripoli grid.

Capital city Tripoli has seen outages lasting up to 18 hours a day while blackouts are worse in the eastern city of Benghazi which is estimated to need as much as 1,000MW.

For its part Egypt has also experienced major power outages but the country is taking measures to boost its power generation and transmission infrastructure.

Siemens secured a $9bn deal in June that will lift Egypt's power generation capacity by around 50% by adding a combination of gas and wind turbines.   


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