Abu Dhabi sees savings from new LED lighting

Efficiency drive could chop cost and carbon emissions by 75%, Municipality says.

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Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) has saved close to $1mn through the installation of new energy efficient public lighting.

LED lights will cut costs and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by about 75% and cut down the need for maintenance by about 40 to 80%, the ADM said.

The drive also aims to slash light pollution rates by 60%, improve and develop a lighting network to help Abu Dhabi reach a ranking among the world’s top cosmopolitan cities.

ADM has implemented a number of projects in line with the Abu Dhabi sustainable lighting strategy including the installation of LED lighting system on Sheikh Zayed Street and Sheikh Zayed Tunnel.

It also introduced a sustainable lighting project in East Sector 48 and West Zone 33 that cut total power consumption from 54 to 12 kilowatts.

The municipality has completed the replacement of traditional lighting with LED-powered decorative lighting on Sheikh Zayed Bridge, where power consumption plunged by 81%.

These and other similar projects have generated total savings of around as AED 3.3mn ($900,000), Abu Dhabi City Municipality said.


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