Oman to double Salalah drainage capacity

Turkish firm STFA contracted to boost capacity to 69,000 m3/d by 2021.

Salalah Port
Salalah Port

The city of Salalah in the far south of Oman will double the capacity of its drainage system within the next six years.

Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Company (SSDC) has contracted Turkish firm STFA to carry out the project in collaboration with Al Manarah Engineering Consultancy.

The purpose of the project is to provide extra drainage in case of failure of a water treatment plant or overflow of the water network during storms, the Oman Daily Observer reported.

Work will involve the installation of 4,500 metres of various size high-density polyethylene pipes underwater and 1,500 metres on the ground, said Ediz Dundar, project manager at STFA.

As a result, the capacity of the drainage system will jump from the existing 35,000 cubic metres per day to 69,000 cubic metres of waste water per day by 2021.

"The emergency marine outfall project will work as a support to an established sewer network and treatment facility which is operational since 2002,” Dundar said.

"The domestic sewage wastewater has an average hydraulic load of about 23,000 to 27,000 cubic metres per day. During the Khareef (monsoon), the average load can reach 35,000 cubic metres per day," Dundar continued.

The load is expected to increase due to the demographic growth and a rise in tourism.


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