July rainfall helps replenish UAE water reserves

Nearly 220,000 m3 of water flows into dams and barriers in central region, ministry says.

Philly Lake
Philly Lake

The Ministry of Environment and Water has announced that an estimated 219,300 cubic meters of water, or 48 million gallons, flowed into the lakes and dams located in the country’s central region following a rainfall on July 14, 2015.

According to Eng Mariam Mohammed Saeed Hareb, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Water Resources and Nature Conservation, the medium to heavy rains that poured down on central region’s various areas also affected the north region of ‘Shoka’ and the south region of Philly.

She added that approximately 151,300 cubic meters flowed into Nasas and the lake of Philly 1, 2 and 3 in Sharjah, while about 68,000 cubic meters flowed into a Ras Al Khaimah dam.

The Ministry’s operational plan for 2014-2016 regarding maintenance work and dam and water installations in central region was completed in June 2015 in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works.

The plan included the development and renovation of Falaj Philly so it can benefit from the rainwater harvested in Lake Philly 2. The water is transferred from the Falaj channels to Philly area where old forts and palm plantations are located.

By maintaining the lakes, dams and barriers, the Ministry of Environment and Water also hopes to promote heritage tourism as well as emphasize among workers to observe the safety requirements in accordance with the set rules and regulations.


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