Orascom completes phase 1 of Egypt plant

Egyptian construction firm adds 375MW of power in record time of under six months.

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Orascom Construction has completed the first phase of the Assiut power plant, connecting 375 MW to Egypt’s national grid in world record timing.

It took only five and a half months for the Egypt-based to complete the phase after starting engineering and construction on 15 December 2014, it said in a statement to the Nasdaq Dubai.

This achievement involved 5,500 workers currently on site and 5.7 million man-hours with no injury to date.

Orascom is part of a consortium that was awarded two contracts in December 2014 to build Assiut and West Damietta power plants with a capacity of 1,000 MW and 500 MW, respectively.

Both projects are part of the country’s emergency power program scheduled for completion on an expedited basis.

The consortium intends to add another 625 MW to Egypt’s national power grid at both Assiut and West Damietta by 1 July 2015.

Orascom also completed part of phase II of 6th of October City power plant this month, connecting an additional 300 MW to the national grid.


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