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SS Lootah Group invests millions in new manufacturing plant

Denis Lefrancois of Lootah BCGas has seen the company 'pioneer' local gas networks.
Denis Lefrancois of Lootah BCGas has seen the company 'pioneer' local gas networks.

Increasing demand for ‘gas infrastructure’ has led SS Lootah Group to invest AED 64 million in a manufacturing plant in Dubai.

The plant will engineer, fabricate and assemble gas infrastructure equipment for export to markets in the MENA region, Tanzania, India and Europe. Lootah BCGas, the group’s gas utility operation, will run the plant.

“As pioneers in local gas infrastructure, with comprehensive services from design, engineering and construction to operations and maintenance, we are now investing in our own manufacturing plant,” said Denis Lefrancois, general manager, Lootah BCGas, in a statement. “This plant will produce necessary equipment to support gas related projects locally and abroad.”

The company hopes to capitalise on the logistic advantages offered by Dubai’s location and the aim of exporting gas equipment makes the investment in the new plant a first of its kind for the UAE.

The plant will stick to British and North American standards for design and safety, and will initially produce complete industrial meter set skids, gas filtration units and pressure reduction stations.

Recent contracts for natural gas distribution networks in Tanzania and Turkey, technology transfer and training projects in Iran and operation and management of the gas transmission network in Oman highlight the regional expansion drive of the company.


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