Made to Measure

Andrew Broughtwood, group sales director, on Megger's extensive range of testing and measurement instruments.

Andrew Boughtwood, Megger.
Andrew Boughtwood, Megger.

What is Megger’s product offering to the utilities sector?

Megger helps utilities operate reliable, safe and efficient power networks. We created the world’s first insulation tester 125 years ago, and have since been at the forefront of test and measurement industry developments in portable equipment to help utilities assure that their assets are working reliably and efficiently.

Our product range covers transformer testing, cable testing, circuit breaker testing, insulation testing, battery testing, cable fault location, protection testing, generator testing, oil testing, earth testing, power quality and safety testing. Whatever the asset, utilities trust Megger to help them assure that it is in good health.

What sort of presence does the company have in the Middle East and how long have you operated here?

Megger has offices in Bahrain and Dubai, plus employees based in Saudi and further specialists employed by the Middle East team but based at our European sites. Our regional office for sales and marketing for the Middle East and Africa area is based in Dubai, and the Middle East team has grown steadily over the past 20 odd years.

We have operated a network of local specialist distributors for over half a century, and many of the original distributors are still with us.

As well as the sales and marketing operations, we have a team of applications support engineers, service and repair operations and training services and facilities.

Wherever possible we employ local Arab engineers who are best placed to share in the development of their own region.

What is your most recent major contract win in the region?

Major recent contract wins have been to supply components for transformer test vans for Saudi Electricity Company, and a wide range of products for the Sadara project. Just last year we booked the biggest order in our company’s history to supply cable fault location vans to Iraq.

What sort of growth has the company been seeing here and what are your future prospects?

Despite the current economic and political uncertainties we are finding that business in the region continues to be buoyant, and the Middle East will remain a key contributor to our performance and future growth.

Through a combination of local economic conditions and new product introductions we have grown the business significantly over the past decade, by something like a factor of 4 over the past 6 years.

We continue to expand the product range and improve our local service and support to the customers, and by pushing into some territories where our presence is not so strong we expect that the Middle East will continue to be a strong growth area for us.

Tell us about your latest product innovation and why buyers need it?

Our product development is focused around creating products that help electrical engineers perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, which in turn helps utilities to operate more reliable, safe and efficient power networks.

Two new products that we are just launching epitomise this. The TDS-NT cable diagnostics system and the TRAX transformer and substation test system package different test technologies together to give a wider application range, with more relevant results, and then adds innovative new software that automatically evaluates the results for you, literally saving hours from the time that used to be required for this task. Customers get quicker and more accurate evaluation of the health of their assets.

What sets Megger apart from its competitors?

The most obvious differentiator is the breadth of our product offering, “from power generation to power outlet”, and the depth of our local customer service and support.

Whatever you want to test, and wherever you want to test it, we aim to be there to support you.


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