Jordan pens $10bn nuclear power deal with Rusatom

Agreement paves the way for construction of a 2,000MW plant in Amra.

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Jordan has formalised a $10bn agreement with Rusatom to build the kingdom's first nuclear power plant.

Under the deal signed on Tuesday, the Russian state-owned nuclear firm will develop a 2,000MW plant at Amra in the north of the Jordan.

The first of the two reactors is expected to start operating after 2022 and the second two years later.

The deal provides for a feasibility study, site evaluation process and an environmental impact assessment. Jordan hopes that eventually nuclear power could provide almost 40 percent of its total electricity generating capacity.

"The Russian technology we chose in a very competitive process suits Jordan's needs in terms of power generation and the ability to produce electricity at very competitive prices," Khaled Toukan, chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), told a press conference.

Russia will meet 49% of the project's costs and Jordan the remaining 51%.


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