DEWA to implement Al Mostajed metering system

Al Mostajed wins deal for intelligent metering system in Dubai

Smart grids could be set to hit the Middle East
Smart grids could be set to hit the Middle East

Al Mostajed Technologies has been selected by DEWA to implement an Intelligent Metering System (IMS) in the emirate of Dubai.

The IMS will read water and electricity meters of every consumer on a periodic basis, and the information will then be integrated with the DEWA Enterprise bus. The system will lay the foundations for a future smart grid.

Al Mostajed Technologies has worked closely with DEWA during a pilot phase and has now been awarded the project. The technology and technical support is provided by the firm’s partner Itron of the USA.

“We are extremely happy that at this trend setting project, and with our association with Al Mostajed, and will provide all required technical support to implement the project,” Marc Lipmann, general manager of sales and marketing at Itron said.

“We see this project as long term partnership with DEWA,” said Mr SM Hasan, director of Al Mostajed Technologies.

The system will enhance customer relationship management, outage management and will in the future be integrated with SCADA, DMS and GIS to give a powerful took to implement energy policies in Dubai.


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