MHI and Toho develop new 450 kW cogen system

Japanese companies develop system with efficiency level of 42%.

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toho Gas have jointly developed a new 450-kilowatt (kW) gas cogeneration system with an efficiency level of 42.0%, the world's highest in the 400kW class, and overall efficiency is 81.5%.

The newly developed gas cogeneration system, which is based on a previously introduced 380kW system, achieves an outstanding power output of 450kW, made possible primarily through optimization of combustion and the adoption of components enabling superior efficiency.

Increased merits in terms of both initial costs and running costs were pursued through the elimination of the need for denitrification equipment.

Together these benefits enable a faster investment return than with the 380kW system. A 20% reduction in installation space requirements has also been achieved by trimming the physical dimensions of the main unit.

Going forward, MHI and Toho Gas intend to propose the new 450kW gas cogeneration system for adoption in hospitals, commercial facilities, office buildings, factories, etc. as a way of promoting the further adoption of these efficient systems, while simultaneously making positive contributions to saving energy and easing burdens on the environment.


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