Kuwait's electricity minister quits after blackout

Abdulaziz Al Ibrahim stands down following power cut that last three hours on Feb 11.

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Kuwaiti Water and Electricity Minister has resigned more than a month after a massive blackout hit the Gulf state, reports say.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohammed Al Abdullah Al Sabah, said the cabinet had been informed of Abdulaziz Al Ibrahim's resignation at its weekly meeting that, state news agency KUNA said on Monday.

No further details were given for the decision but the agency said Ibrahim had outlined his reasons in a resignation letter to the emir which was accepted.

Most parts of Kuwait were affected by the power cut which took place at around 7.20pm on February 11 and lasted approximately three hours. Ibrahim had attributed the outage to a technical failure at a power station.

After the incident, lawmakers had called for the minister to answer questions in parliament.

On Sunday, KUNA quoted Ibrahim as saying that a file on an investigation into the power cut showing maintenance shortfalls, which had been referred to the cabinet and the country's parliament, had been transferred to the public prosecutor.


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