GE supplies turbines to generate 2.6GW in Egypt

Around 70% of the 46 units have already been delivered with the rest due by May.

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GE is on schedule to support Egypt’s power grid with 2.6 gigawatts (GW) by summer 2015 with more than 70% of the advanced gas turbines having arrived on the ground.

The US firm is supporting the ‘Egyptian Power Boost Program,’ to add the power by May 2015, in time to meet peak power demand during the summer months.

According to estimates, Egypt’s power generating capacity must be scaled up to 50 GW by 2025, nearly double the capacity today, with demand growing at an annual 10 to 12%. This is being addressed by the ‘Egyptian Power Boost Program.’

In consortium with Orascom to build two power plants, GE P&W’s Power Generation Products business will provide 12 9E heavy-duty gas turbines that will generate a total of 1,495MW.

GE’s Distributed Power will provide the 34 aeroderivative gas turbines - 14 LM6000 and 20 TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbines will generate 1,197MW - enabling the generation of on-site electricity.

The site locations have been confirmed and GE is working with its partners on installation and commissioning.

To date, 34 turbines from a total of number of 46 turbines have arrived to Egypt, of which 26 are already on site (10 9E turbines, 8 LM6000 and 8 TM2500+).

GE’s Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Immelt said: “The government is creating a positive environment for businesses through the removal of trade barriers, while the private sector brings in the entrepreneurial spirit to build a whole new value chain of small and medium enterprises.

“Working together, the public and private sector can support Egypt’s transformation as a global hub that links resource-rich Africa and the Middle East with the rest of the world.”

He added: “Today, countries that succeed are those that can get in front of the trends, innovate, work together and deliver results. Egypt is moving with speed and scale, and reimagining a future centered on its people.”

GE also announced it will build a $200mn multimodal manufacturing, engineering, services and training center in Egypt which will focus on various industries including power generation, renewables, water, oil & gas, aviation and rail transportation.

The new multi-modal manufacturing and training facility in Suez will serve Egypt and the region, GE said in a statement. It will allow for the manufacture of a diverse set of products and catering to GE’s broad range of businesses.

It will create approximately 500 jobs for skilled Egyptian professionals in the next three to five years.




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