Perkins launches latest engine in Middle East

The new 1500 Series is suitable for conditions in the Gulf.

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Perkins debuted its 1500 Series engine at Middle East Electricity 2015 in Dubai this week.

The new model has been designed with specific sectors in mind, for example as backup power for health facilities or prime power for factory machines.

The six-cylinder, air-to-air, turbocharged diesel unit meets key power nodes from 200kVA to 330kVA in prime and standby ratings, and can be switched between 50Hz and 60Hz, making it suitable for all GCC countries.

The 1506A-E88TAG model has been fitted with a tropical radiator to facilitate operation in high ambient temperatures.

“The 1500 Series is Perkins’ new nine-litre range of engines; [the 1506A-E88TAG] is actually an 8.8-litre model,” said Simon Gray, electric power marketing manager at the engine manufacturer.

“This model offers support within the range of 200kVA to 375kVA. It’s a great new product and it delivers good power density from its core. It also brings improved fuel economy, improved ambient clearance – improved all-round performance for the whole engine.
We’ve created a high-quality engine that fits nicely within the mid-section of our range.”

The 1500 Series engines will replace Perkins’ 1300 and 1600 families. The manufacturer says that its latest models deliver improved load acceptance and fuel consumption benefits of up to 7%, cycle weighted. The 1500 Series also offers improved altitude and ambient capabilities of up to 8%, in comparison to its predecessors.

Middle East Electricity 2015 took place at Dubai World Trade Centre from March 2-4.


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