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Hassan Omar, chief operating officer of UAE manufacturer Ducab on how the company's range of cables are connecting the Middle East

Hassan Omar, Ducab
Hassan Omar, Ducab

What is Ducab’s offering to the Middle East utilities sector?
As a leading provider of cables and wires solutions, we offer a range of innovative products that are specialised for use in particular sectors. Examples of our specially designed products include PetroBICC for the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector; RuBICC flexible rubber cables; FlamBICC, our fire-retardant cable series, and NuBICC, our 60-year certified cable range for nuclear power plants.

Our product range includes High Voltage cables up to 400kV, Medium Voltage cables up to 33kV, Low Voltage power cables, control and auxiliary, wiring and lead-sheathed cables, Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables, and fire resistance cables, copper rods and wires, cable components and cable accessories.

Where are your products manufactured?
Ducab operates five manufacturing facilities in the UAE, including Ducab Jebel Ali, Ducab Mussafah 1 Factory, Ducab Mussafah 2 Factory, Copper Rod Factory, and Ducab High Voltage (HV) Cable Systems Factory. We also acquired our first overseas plant, AEI Cables UK, earlier in 2014. The company has a manufacturing capability of over 115,000 metal tonnes of high, medium and low voltage cables and 110,000 tonnes of copper rod and wire per annum.

Earlier in 2014, in a joint venture with Senaat, Ducab announced the formation of Ducab Aluminium, a 50,000tpa aluminium rod mill. When complete, the new plant will manufacture Electrical Conductive (EC) grade aluminium alloy rods, wires, and bare overhead conductors. Environment-friendly processes will be employed within the mill, and liquid aluminium will be supplied from the EMAL smelter in Taweelah, Abu Dhabi

What is your most recent major contract in the region?
In October last year we announced that we have partnered with Abu Dhabi Airports for the Midfield Terminal Building, where we will provide our FlamBICC 6 range of cables. In 2014 we also secured a major win in Saudi Arabia, where we were selected to supply cables and accessories for the expansion and enhancement of the Mataf area beside Al Masjed Al Haram, in the Holy Site of Mecca.

What sort of growth has the company been seeing?
We are actively expanding our product range in line with the requirements of local and regional developments, across various industries such as nuclear energy, oil, gas and petrochemicals, as well as renewable and sustainable energy developments.

The region’s construction industry is also booming, as are many other sectors, so our product offering is very diverse, covering an advanced range of power and lighting cables, rubber cables, and many more. The region as a whole is expanding at a rapid pace, with a booming infrastructure sector that is driving substantial growth.

We can see massive growth in Dubai due to the upcoming Expo 2020, and in Qatar due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where numerous projects are under construction to meet the demands of these international events.

Tell us about your latest product innovation
Our latest product line is PetroBICC, which is designed exclusively to meet the needs of the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector. The range features low and medium voltage cables for power, control and instrumentation applications, for use both onshore and offshore. We launched them in Q4 last year and they have since been used in major projects in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, and Kuwait. PetroBICC cables are designed to meet international quality standards, including hydrocarbon resistance and low toxicity.

We use both polyamide and lead-sheathed cable construction within the PetroBICC range to meet requirements for use in the hazardous conditions of the oil and gas sector’s onshore applications, while our full range of rubber cables are designed to meet the requirements of offshore applications.

What sets Ducab apart from its competitors?
Ducab offers customers total quality excellence, both in terms of products and service that fully meets every aspect of expectations and deliver superior value in comparison to competitors. Beyond this, Ducab aims to be the lowest cost, highest quality cable manufacturer in the world. We conduct all business with the highest levels of integrity, with customer requirements and industry trends at the forefront of our innovation process.


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