Emirates Insolaire showcases PV panel glass

Coloured glass can be integrated into building facades and rooftops.

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Emirates Insolaire is showcasing its KromatixTM coloured glass for solar panels at the 7th Façade Design & Engineering Summit, currently under way in Doha.

At the summit, Emirates Insolaire, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, is exploring ways to adapt the ‘first of its kind’ technology to enhance the design appeal and aesthetics of building facades in the region.

The glass, coming in virtually any colour, can be easily integrated into any facade and roof and offer cost-effective and sustainable customization.

Emirates Insolaire has already installed its first facades in Europe and continues to receive enquiries from across the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Rafic Hanbali, managing partner of Emirates Insolaire, said: “There is a latent demand for Emirates Insolaire’s revolutionary, coloured solar panels across the globe. Our breakthrough glass is optimised for photovoltaic modules as well as solar thermal collectors and we see a massive growth potential in the Gulf region. We expect sales in excess of 50,000 square metres for coloured solar panels and photovoltaic models during 2015 alone.”

He added: “The solar PV industry is booming, with the end-market demand hitting rapid growth levels almost every quarter – so we are quite bullish. Our participation in the Façade Design & Engineering Summit is part of our strategy to reinforce our breakthrough technology to potential partners from across the region and beyond. The scale of construction under way in Qatar itself is phenomenal and offers unmatched growth opportunity.”

Hanbali will also be the moderator at one of the roundtable discussions on Day 2 of the summit, focusing on growing trends towards facade solar integration in the Middle East.

The glass is developed in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne].

Optimised for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors, the glass provides a mat coloured, architecturally aesthetic appearance to solar panels, preserving more than 90% of the original efficiency.

Globally, the photovoltaic market has grown 40% year-on-year and the number of installations foreseen for 2015 is 160 GW – approximately 800 million square meters of glass.

Furthermore, the share of BIPV [Building Integrated Photovoltaic] for roofs and facades, one of the specialisations of Emirates Insolaire, is witnessing one of the fastest growth rates.

Emirates Insolaire is part of Dubai Investments subsidiary Glass LLC, the glass pioneers in the Middle East. Each coloured solar panel with KromatixTM technology can generate above 150 watts electric power per square meter on roofs, or above 110 watts per square meter on façades.

Approximately 2,000 panels on one building, roof and facades are capable of generating above 350kW electric power.


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