IAEA hails UAE nuclear progress

Ten strong team praises regulation and radiation safety developments.

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An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delegation have praised the UAE’s progress on developing a regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety following a nine-day mission to the country.

The team of 10 senior experts concluded that the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has strengthened its regulatory oversight, addressing 43 of the 48 findings from a review conducted in 2011.

The team reviewed reference material and met with officials and staff from FANR and related bodies during the period 31 January to 8 February 2015.

In a message delivered on his behalf during the closing meeting, IAEA deputy director general Denis Flory, Head of the Department for Nuclear Safety and Security, said: “The IRSS follow-up mission to the UAE sends a strong message to Member States.

“The results not only show that the country has made considerable progress in strengthening its regulatory framework, but also that the IAEA Safety Standards continue to serve as a strong instrument and benchmark in these processes.”

Mission team leader Carl-Magnus Larsson commended the UAE for successfully addressing almost all of the findings raised in the 2011 review:

“This achievement underlines the United Arab Emirates commitment to nuclear safety and radiation protection, which benefits the country as it works to further improve its regulatory system, including by looking at the additional findings raised in the current review."

The IAEA experts delivered a draft report of their review, and they are expected to complete a final report within approximately three months.

Recommendations for consideration by FANR and the Government of the UAE, including:

- The Government of the UAE should develop a national policy and strategy for the management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste;

- FANR should increase its capability to implement regulations on the safe transport of radioactive material;

- The Government of the UAE should complete its ongoing work to establish a system of administrative penalties and fines which would provide FANR with stronger enforcement authority; and

- FANR and the relevant Health Authorities should develop and publish Diagnostic Reference Levels for the UAE.



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