SEC adds Cummins gensets to Saudi power project

Joint venture with Saudi Olayan adds QSK95 unit to plant in Turbah.

The Cummins Power QSK95
The Cummins Power QSK95

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) supplemented a large array of rental units with Cummins Power Generation QSK95 Series generator set, the largest unit in the Cummins range.

The power plant at Turbah in western Saudi Arabai, is in a challenging environment, located 1,000 meters above sea level and remote from the grid, where the entire Turbah township is dependent on it.

Cummins Olayan Energy, a joint venture between Cummins Power Generation and the Saudi Olayan Group, installed the 60 Hz variant of the unit, capable of delivering 2,750 kWe prime power.

“The generator set has proved to be the perfect fit to work alongside the other 71 Cummins Power Generation generator sets on the site,” Cummins said on its website.

“Its performance has exceeded the customer’s expectations, and has delivered highly impressive fuel consumption data.

“Its rugged 4-cycle, 16 cylinder design delivers reliable power, low emissions and fast response to variable loads. It can operate in the location’s high summer ambient temperatures, and is configured to meet sound pollution regulations of 85 dBA at 7 meters.”

Rated at up to 3.5 MW and 3.75 MVA, the high-horsepower QSK95 generator sets deliver more power while achieving best-in-class fuel and footprint economies.

QSK95 Series generator sets offer enhanced reliability throughout a power system’s life cycle, translating into drastically reduced downtime, less maintenance, and industry-leading hours to overhaul.


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