Bee'ah to use solar power at Sharjah landfill

Waste management firm says 20MW project will power its facilities.

Bee'ah's news headquarters
Bee'ah's news headquarters

Bee’ah has launched a tender to build a solar power project at its main landfill site in Sharjah.

The waste management company is seeking a partner to develop, build and operate the project at the Bee’ah waste management centre in Al Saj’ah, it announced at the World Future Energy Summit.

The project will generate more than 20MW, of which part will be used to power the company’s facilities, including potential storage capacity to power the facilities during non-daylight hours.

The new solar power project is part of Bee’ah’s efforts to branch out beyond waste management this year and into the renewable energy realm.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah said: “The solar power project is a significant step forward in our strategic growth as a company into the renewable energy sector.

“The uniqueness of the Bee’ah solar power project stands out from others in the region is due to the utilisation of conventionally unusable land space, the landfill site, and the ability to power recycling facilities, which as a result will position Sharjah as an innovator in this industry”.

The project was unveiled at the World Future energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, where Bee’ah also announced plans to build futureistic new headquarters designed by world famous London-based Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid.

The eco-friendly building, on a site next to its waste management centre, will be powered entirely by renewable energy.
Bee’ah gave no indication how much the project will cost or when it will be built.


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