Transformers by the ton

Reem Island powers on with infrastructure development

Each transformer measured 12.5m (L) x 4.1m (W) x 5m (H) and weighed in at 370 tons.
Each transformer measured 12.5m (L) x 4.1m (W) x 5m (H) and weighed in at 370 tons.

A total of 20 transformers have been delivered to Reem Island in Abu Dhabi as the project to supply the island with power continues.

The delivery of four 500MVA and 16 80MVA transformers form the first phase of the Reem Island 400/132kV grid station, a AED 550 million project. The station is being developed by Abu Dhabi Transmission and Dispatch Company (Transco).

Transco have coordinated with Bunya, the resident regulatory authority and regional infrastructure developer for Reem Island, to implement a number of projects to supply the island with electricity.

“These four 500 MVA transformers form the backbone of the Grid Station. With their arrival on the island, work on the electricity supply continues as per the schedule,” said Tariq Hatim Sultan, CEO of Bunya in a statement.

The first phase of the project will cost AED 1.5 billion, including the 2000 MVA-capacity station, which consists of four transformers of 500 MVA each. Three 132/22kV primary substations, each with a capacity of 4x80 MVA have also been built. Transco also laid a 132 kV cable network to connect the three substations with the
grid station.

The Reem Island grid station will also be connected to the Abu Dhabi grid station through a 400 kV cable network project and preparations are underway to connect Reem Island with Saadiyat Island, through another 400 kV cable network. 


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